Friday, December 17, 2010


There is a feeling in all of us. It's within. Maybe it's in the heart or maybe it's in the soul. Who knows? The feeling of serenity and peace. The feeling that nothing could go wrong. The feeling that we do not realize what is happening around us. The feeling of joy and happiness. Has anyone felt that? I have. If I could put the sensation of what i feel into words, I would. Yet, it is too elaborate. It is a feeling you can only experience and not tell. I do not know what it is. It makes me truly happy though. It may seem like I am rambling but I am trying not to. It is the feeling of knowing that even though there is something bad going on in life that one can still have some sort of peace in their life. It's like you could almost forget what is happening. Tainting you and forcing you to be at peace with yourself, even if only for a while. "Fall down 7 times, get back up 8" is a saying. If it's right, i cannot say. It depends on each of us. Thus, it reminds us that even though we all go through bad times, there are good times waiting to shine upon us. It's like days. One day, it may be stormy and rainy and the next, it can be sunny and bright. It does not matter which weather you may be in favor of, all that matters is that they are oppposites. Good and bad. Light and dark. Sun and moon. Love and hate. You should see what I'm trying to say by now. If you don't then I can also put it into simple words. No matter what you may be going through, good or bad, there can always be the opposite of it going on as well. And for the unlucky ones, they may only feel one thing at a time.

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  1. Well for something that cannot be put into words....good job. I think I know what you are talking about, I just wished that I could have that peace of mind all the time.